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About Poway, California

About Poway

Located just 3 miles from Interstate 15 and 24 miles south of the San Diego International Airport, the City of Poway is the perfect place to call home. This family-friendly community is known for its great schools, beautiful weather, and proximity to major metropolitan attractions like SeaWorld, LEGOLAND and the San Diego Zoo.

About the Schools in Poway

Residents of this community have a high degree of education as a result of its great school system. The city’s school district, the Poway Unified School District, runs an impressive 22 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 4 high schools. The school district also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for children and teenagers to enjoy.

About the Weather in Poway

People who live in this city are a happy bunch, enjoying sunny weather all year round. The average annual rainfall is only 15.4 inches, and it doesn’t get much colder than 55 degrees in the winter. This weather is a huge draw for those who want to live in a healthy and active lifestyle.

About the Affordable Housing in Poway

There are many different types of affordable housing options available in Poway. These include single-family homes, multi-family houses and apartments, townhouses and condos. You can even find senior- and family-oriented apartments in the area.

About the Business in Poway

The City of Poway is a prime location for business. Its proximity to the San Diego Airport and a wide range of amenities makes it the ideal place to open or expand your business. It is home to a large business park, a 700-acre complex that encompasses the city’s commercial core.

About the Economy in Poway

This city has a strong business sector that is supported by the local Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations. Its economy is based on the agriculture, tourism and aerospace industries. Those who want to start or grow their business in the region are encouraged to visit the city’s Economic Development Department.

About the Arts in Poway

The arts are a big part of this community’s culture. The city is home to the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts professional productions each year. There are also numerous art galleries and other cultural facilities throughout the city.

About the Nightlife in Poway

There is a lot to do in this city that goes beyond the usual touristy spots. The city is filled with small restaurants and bars, historical breweries, and hidden gems that are worth exploring.

About the Diversity in Poway

There are many people of different backgrounds in this city. The population is made up of people from all over the world, with a wide range of ethnic and cultural groups. The population is a very diverse one and this allows the community to have a great sense of identity.

The city’s low crime rate is another reason why people want to move here. This is one of the lowest rates in the state and it has been for a number of years.