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Things to Do in El Cajon, California

About EL Cajon

Nestled in the heart of San Diego, California, the city of EL Cajon is a perfect place to raise a family. It is home to a variety of neighborhoods, with plenty of affordable housing choices and convenient amenities.

Residents can enjoy the beauty of the city, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and scenic views. They can also take advantage of the many great local restaurants and shopping opportunities.

Museums and Attractions

There are a number of interesting and entertaining museums located throughout the city of El Cajon. These establishments are a great way to learn more about the city’s history as well as the entire country.

The San Diego Aerospace Museum Restoration Facility is a fantastic establishment that displays significant artifacts of air and space history. The museum is a popular attraction for science-lovers and military enthusiasts.

Summers Past Farms

The Summers Past Farm is a family-friendly destination that offers an abundance of fun activities for visitors of all ages. It includes a nursery, a number of gardens, and more. Guests can also take advantage of their seasonal pumpkin patch, sweet pea maze, and more!

Elicit Bar and Lounge

The Elicit Bar and Lounge is a luxurious modern restaurant and bar that opened in 2019. This charming establishment serves only the freshest seafood in all of its delicious entrees, raw bar selections, and small plates. Its menu also features specialty craft cocktails made tableside using artistic mixology methods, including smoke and liquid nitrogen.

Sky Combat Ace

The Sky Combat Ace is an extreme adventure that offers a variety of flight experiences including aerobatics, vertical fights, and simulated bombing runs. Customers are paired with experienced instructors and pilots to have an unforgettable experience.

EL Cajon Police Department

The El Cajon Police Department is the governing body responsible for the safety and security of all residents and businesses in the city of El Cajon. This agency is a member of the San Diego County-Imperial County Regional Communications System and provides emergency services, public service announcements, and police assistance.

Schools and Colleges

There are a number of schools located throughout the city of El Cajon. The Cajon Valley Union School District operates all the public elementary and middle schools in the area, while the Grossmont Union High School District operates all of the public high schools.

Several colleges and universities are also located in the city of El Cajon, including San Diego State University and the University of California-San Diego. The University of California-San Diego is the largest university in the city and has an excellent reputation for academic excellence.

Families with Children

There are numerous great parks and recreational facilities throughout the city of El Cajon, including parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields. There are also several museums and attractions in the city that are ideal for children to explore.

Water Conservation Garden

The Water Conservation Garden is a beautiful, family-friendly garden in El Cajon, California. It features a large selection of Mediterranean plants, water-wise plant trails, and themed gardens. The garden is also an excellent venue for weddings, receptions, and other special occasions.