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San Terra Properties, a highly knowledgable property management team located in San Diego, California offers over 30 years of combined property management and real estate experience across California and San Diego area. San Terra not only adheres to the strictest standards of California Department of Real Estate standards and practices, but has also received an A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Our deep expertise coupled with cutting edge technologies has allowed us to provide our clients with the best possible service and information regarding market trends, prospective tenants, and real estate as a whole. Our mission is to provide personalized care for your home and rental property by carefully balancing owner and tenant needs and ensuring your property is well maintained by the best and most highly qualified tenants possible.

Top Benefits of Property Management Services

Why work with a property management company? Landlords work hard, and there’s a lot to handle when it comes to managing your property (or properties) in San Diego.

There’s many good reasons to offload rental property needs to a management company… here are just a few you may want to consider:

Knowledge of Tenant Laws

Whether you own one property or have invested in multiple properties throughout the country, it can be difficult to keep track of the ever evolving landlord-tenant laws and regulations which can differ from state-to-state as well as by city and county.

Being a landlord is hard work, and when it’s your own property it can be difficult to separate the personal feelings from the business side of property management while also juggling potential legal implications.

We can help you avoid any unnecessary legal headaches by managing these regulations for you, including:

  • How much a tenant can be charged as a security deposit
  • Receipt requirements for deposit payments
  • If a written rental agreement is required
  • Payment grace period laws
  • Pet laws
  • Notice before entry stipulations
  • Re-keying laws
  • Rental license requirements, and more

Understanding Rental Market Indicators

We not only have a deep understanding of the rental market in San Diego, but have a pulse on the rental trends country wide. As a top San Diego property management company, we are immersed, everyday, in the desires and pain points of the real estate industry. We know that the rental landscape is typically driven by four key factors:

  1. Demographics
  2. Interest rates
  3. The economy
  4. Government policies

So, whether you’re considering renting an existing property or are looking to sell, we can help you evaluate your options and weigh them against the above factors so you can make the best possible decision for your unique situation.

Out-of-Town Support

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or have had a sudden life shift, our management services are perfect for those who must live in a different city, state (or country), and can’t be available for all the day-to-day oversight of a rental property.

Our property management company offers local presence for owners who live out of town, and can provide support for those rental management needs, from tenant screening and regular maintenance to responsive communication for tenant concerns and rent collection.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance issues can be one of the most frustrating aspects of property management, and can range from unwanted pests, mold or mildew growth, to broken window latches or faulty pipes.

This can be especially frustrating if you’re emotionally tied to your home or property, live out of town, or need to focus your attention else where. Unfortunately, maintenance issues and slow response times are one of the main reasons for high rental turnover and tenant frustration.

Working with a management company can unburden you from that stress, and streamline the maintenance process to keep repair costs low and tenant satisfaction high.

Handles In-Person Showings

The process of marketing an open listing, showing the rental unit or home, interviewing prospective tenants, and managing tenant screening is a lot of work. Because it can be time intensive, many property owners lose money when their rental sits empty.

But the good news is, when you work a property manager, you can better eliminate the potential financial loss of an empty unit. We can help attract new tenants, renew existing lease, and show properties to interested renters.

You can leave it to use to handle the tenant screening too!

Manages Rent Collection

When it comes to the accounting side of the business… we got you covered. From collecting rent and managing grace periods to depositing cash into your account, we have the entire rent collection process in our pocket.

We also handle the less-than-fun aspects of rent collection, including delinquent payments, collections and evictions. Working with a property manager helps make sure these are handled efficiently, tactfully, and most importantly, according to the local laws and regulations.

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San Terra Properties Services

Now that you know some of the benefits of working with professional property management services, let’s dive into the details of what we offer here in San Diego.

Property Management

We offer both single-family home and multi-family properties all while maintaining our long-standing reputation of filling vacancies with quality tenants in a short time frame.

We can handle any needs that may arise with running your residential property rentals. In our 30+ years of experience, we have perfected our approach to marketing by knowing how to find great tenants while marketing your property with superior photography and using multiple advertising channels that provide outstanding results in the shortest amount of time.

We can take care of all your apartment rental unit needs by finding the highest quality tenants in the shortest amount of time as well as negotiating contracts, collecting rent, and overseeing the day-to-day operation of your investments,

Advertising & Showings

From marketing your space on all the most high-traction real estate outlets (e.g. Hotpad, Vrbo, Trulia, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more) to scheduling and managing in-person showings with prospective and qualified tenants, we have the rental process down pat.

Tenant Screening & Onboarding

Our team offers full oversight of a thorough screening process as well as onboarding for new tenants. We check references, interview candidates, and handle the onboarding process, which includes:

  • Reviewing and signing the lease
  • Collecting pre-payments and security deposit
  • Scheduling move-in
  • Preparing the property
  • Handing over the keys
  • Welcoming the tenant
  • Handling ongoing communication

Full-Service Tenant Management Service

Using the latest in property management technology, we offer your qualified tenants a seamless way to communicate with our management company. Our online tenant portal allows tenants to submit maintenance requests, pay rent, and access a digital copy of their lease. We’ve found that strong communication is the lynchpin of a successful landlord-tenant relationship, improving the longevity of tenancy, better care of the property, and ultimately, a more successful investment for you!

Our full-service tenant management services also include:

  • Lease negotiation
  • Tenancy rules and HOA regulation review
  • Posting of legal notices

Property Maintenance

We’ll coordinate all maintenance issues directly with tenants and vendors. We also offer 24/7 emergency maintenance response, so you’ll never have to worry about neglect or unchecked damages. If any major improvements need to be made, we can help coordinate with licensed, local contractors.

Full Accounting Services

We handle all the day-to-day interface with contractors while keeping detailed reports and record keeping. When tax time rolls around, we supplying all the needed documentation to file your taxes.

Real Estate Listings

Selling your home is a huge decision. Our team of professional agents will help you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting top dollar for your home.  We help our clients navigate timing, location, market conditions, rates, property condition, as well as many other factors.

We guarantee each client will be provided with the expert personal care and professionalism that has made San Terra one of the fastest growing real estate companies in San Diego.

Home Valuation Reports

Valuation reports provide buyers with an accurate overview of a home’s worth. This not only helps buyers manage their expectations, but provides a comprehensive view of any and all necessary improvements.

How is a valuation different than an appraisal?

An appraisal serves as a pricing guide but has no legal standing; a valuation provides a definitive value that can be used for legal matters. A more accurate understanding of the terms “business valuation vs. appraisal” distinguishes that an appraisal is part of a thorough business valuation.

Do I need a home valuation?

A home valuation will outline all the amenities of a home so that buyers can better understand all the home comes with, from bathrooms and appliances to any upgrades.

In short, yes — it’s an important part of the home-buying process.

We can help you prep for a home valuation report:

How to Prepare Your Home for a Valuation Report

To make sure your home gets the grade it deserves, there’s a few things you’ll want to do to help make sure it really shines.

Here’s a few tips to help get you started:

Clean & Declutter

You may think that a rogue dust bunny or a forgotten pile of bills shouldn’t affect a valuation report, but the cleaner your home is, and the more the appraiser can really see, the better. Clean and clear surfaces will help the assessor and prospective buyers get a better idea of the space. Even if you’re a maximalist at heart, when it comes to getting your space prepped for evaluation, the mantra is “less is more.”

You may want to:

  • Clear paperwork from countertops

  • Remove toys, shoes, and clutter from the floors

  • Hide or move excess toiletries in your bathroom and bedroom


You may love bright and bold colors, funky patterns, and wild touches, but unfortunately, when it comes to selling your home, the more neutral, the better.

A blank slate helps home buyers imagine themselves living in your home, so make sure to:

  • Remove personal items (e.g. photographs, memorabilia and calendars)

  • Clear off the front of your fridge

  • Use neutral colors for carpets, area rugs, and accent pieces

  • Repaint walls with white, beige, and soft grays

Deep Clean

Both home assessments and buyer walk-throughs leave you and your home open to quite the litany of inspection. Little things such as light switches and fixtures, baseboards, hardware, and more — things we don’t even pay attention to regularly — become the focus of attention.

You’ll want to be prepared! If needed, hire a professional cleaning service that will provide some TLC to skirting boards, the spaces under beds and behind radiators, as well as the fronts of cupboards, and more!

Think Light, Bright and Cool

You’ll want to make sure you get as much natural light as possible before your valuation, including drawing back curtains and turning on lights in any dark rooms or corridors.

To brighten it up even more, consider adding mirrors and repainting smaller rooms with lighter paint colors. Also, you’ll want to consider temperature and scent (especially if you have pets). Keep the temperature moderate and seasonally appropriate.

You’ll also want to wash any bedding or fabric surfaces that may absorb smells, such as sofas, carpets and curtains.

Consider the Curb

First impressions counts, so make sure the pay equal attention to the outside as you do the inside. Make sure to:

  • Repaint if needed
  • Replace aging mailboxes or other exterior fixtures
  • Clean the windows
  • Weed flower beds and replant if needed
  • Mow lawn

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Whether you want to sell your home or are considering turning it into a rental, there’s a lot to consider. We can help streamline the process of finding tenants and turning your real estate investments into a successful business.

Call us today for a free home valuation or for more information on how to rent your property.

Comprehensive Service

Let us take the guesswork out of renting your property.
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Advertising & Showings

  • Multi-channel advertising for maximum exposure
  • Scheduling and performing

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Tenant Screening & Onboarding

  • Application processing
  • Thorough tenant vetting: credit verifications, background checks, suitability, rental history, employment, etc.
  • Move-in/out inspections and reporting

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Full-Service Tenant Management

  • Lease negotiation
  • Tenancy rules and HOA regulations review
  • Security deposit & rent collection
  • Posting of legal notices*

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Property Maintenance

  • Coordination of all maintenance issues directly with tenant and vendors
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance response
  • Coordination of major improvements with licensed contractors

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Legal & Finance

  • Distribution of monthly statements, maintenance records and invoices, annual cash flow and tax statements
  • IRS 1099 annual reporting
  • Overseeing evictions when necessary*
  • Filing out of state withholdings per the California Franchise Tax Board*

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